The Scientifically Calibrated In-Flight Imagery (SCIFLI) team at NASA Langley Research Center collects real-time visual, infrared, and spectral data on vehicles while they are in flight. Doing so helps researchers gain insight into some of the most challenging questions in fluid dynamics, provides essential engineering data, and documents vital flight safety systems.

With each successful mission, SCIFLI (formerly HYTHIRM, or Hypersonic Thermodynamic Infrared Measurements) extends the experimental nature of wind-tunnel testing and computational aerothermal analysis by observing vehicles under real flight conditions. In addition to collecting these invaluable data, SCIFLI supports commercial and NASA missions by ensuring the safety of the vehicles and astronauts aboard.

Evolving transportation technology is increasing the need for truly understanding the behavior of vehicles under extreme conditions. The SCIFLI team is helping investigators meet that need.

What’s New at SCIFLI?