MARS Scientific

The Mobile Aerospace Reconnaissance System, or MARS Scientific, is an important commercial partner of SCIFLI. As the nation’s civilian leader in long-range telescopic tracking and imaging of earthbound space vehicles, MARS Scientific is a key part of standard SCIFLI missions. They provide high-quality imagery from the ground or sea, and in some instances, they have also provided the equipment for SCIFLI’s air-based support. Their gyrostabilized Kineto Tracking Mounts, which provide automatic tracking, allow them to capture space vehicles from any ship in the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean. Their custom optics allow for high-quality infrared thermography and hypersonic vehicle imaging, both of particular importance to SCIFLI. Check out their website here.

The MARS team and Dr. Jennifer Inman (project manager for SCIFLI) stand in a desert landscape. The MARS logo is made with rocks on the ground in front of them.
MARS Scientific and Dr. Jennifer Inman in the California desert on a parachute test.